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Lion Air is a low-cost Airline established in 2000 starting with one aircraft. Today Lion Air flies to more than 36 cities in Indonesia and many other destinations. LionAirPlus is a search engine where you can easily find cheapest LionAir tickets. Flights from Jakarta to Bali, Bali to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore to Jakarta and more...

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Lowest prices for Februar 2015

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Indonesia - Malaysia - Singapore - Thailand - Vietnam - India
Date of Flight Price Departure Destination
Before 11 Feb 2015 IDR 614,000 Jakarta Bali
Before 17 Feb IDR 325,000 Jakarta Kuala Lumpur
Feb 2015 IDR 350,000 Low Price Jakarta Singapore
Before 16 Feb 2015 IDR 607,700 Few seats Jakarta Penang
Before 18 Feb 2015 IDR 788,200 Jakarta Medan Kuala Namu
Feb 2015 IDR 214,000 Low price Bali Lombok
Some days in Feb MYR 258 Kuala Lumpur Kota Kinabalu
Before 14 Feb 2015 IDR 445,000 Solo Jakarta
Feb 2015 IDR 502,200 Surabaya Jakarta
Feb 2015 IDR 403,200 Jakarta Palembang
Feb 2015 IDR 375,700 Semarang Jakarta
Feb 2015 MYR 81-95 Kuala Lumpur Penang
Before 16 Feb 2015 MYR 120 (MYR 155) Kuala Lumpur Jakarta
Feb 2015 IDR 403,200 Jogjakarta Jakarta
After 21 Feb 2015 SGD 97 Singapore Penang
Before 14 Feb 2015 IDR 976,000 Jogjakarta Penang

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